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New World New Requirements

Achieving success in a career today is more challenging than ever. With increasing workloads, heavy syllabus and competition, it is difficult to stand out. GA Robotics recognises that this new world needs a newer approach to educating kids. Kids learn problem-solving skills very young. When we expose them to the right learning methodology and the basics of coding, they learn logic and decision-making skills. When older students learn to apply the concepts that they have learned in textbooks they are prepared for excellence in entrance exams, interviews and careers.

We Make High-end Labs Affordable

Our expertise and access to the best vendors and educators in the industry helps setup and implement certified world-class technology labs in schools and colleges in a very affordable manner. We help institutions bring training in fields such as AI, VR, robotics and space technology to each and every student from LKG to university level.

We Make STEM Approachable

Sometimes, the student’s greatest challenge is overcoming the mental blocks created by memorization and book learning. At GA Robotics we take ‘making technology fun’ very seriously. GA Robotics courses are appealing and there is no one size fits all approach. We tailor our programs and make our approach relevant to the age and strengths of the student. Our courses help student master what is in the textbooks and then go beyond the textbooks and apply that knowledge in projects that bring concepts to life.

Strong Foundation Concepts

When a student is confident of the basics, learning advanced concepts and becoming innovative is easy. We stress on getting the basics right. Then we teach our students how to use that knowledge in real-world applications. This gives them the confidence to approach their school, college and career with confidence in understanding the concepts thoroughly.

Multi-faceted Experience

We have refined and implemented our innovative techniques both, one on one with students as well as in educational institution classrooms and labs. We evolve to bring concepts to the perspective of the student whether in an individual or group setting.

e - Learning

In today’s busy world, students are just as busy as working professionals. What could be more convenient than having world-class STEM training easily accessible from home!
Our eLearning courses give the student access to our internationally accredited teaching methodology and curriculum. We also give excellent personalized online classes and support. Our course material is visually engaging and structured to maintain the student’s understanding and interest.


GA Robotics is proud to be STEM.org certified. We are one among less than a handful of STEM.org accredited training institutions in India. STEM.org is a premier organisation that has created standardization and benchmarks for STEM education internationally. We are also associated with Top Tech Companies to bring the best of their award-winning content and resources to our students.


We have a choice of courses that are as enjoyable as they are educational. Whether you are in school or any graduate student, there are choices to suit you.

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