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STEM.org is the longest continually-operating and originator of STEM education research and credentialing organization in America. Since 2001, its leadership has assisted with key initiatives that have been critical to the overall growth and proliferation of the movement, including early work on the 2005 STEM Congressional Caucus. The governing demonstrates the best in pedagogics, supporting the world’s top brands, organizations and thousands of educators globally.

Through an extensive collaborative effort, STEM.org has worked closely with researchers, educators, administrators, and Institutions to a respected set of ‘STEM benchmarks’. The resources and proven best practices of this community, have to lead to the world’s first and most recognized STEM Accreditation framework, STEM.org Accredited TM (for programs) also STEM.org Certified TM (For Educators and Non-Educators).By 2014, STEM.org had been recognized by the United States Senate for having worked with over 100,000 students, through partnerships with schools involving collaborative educational activities. In K-12 & Higher Education, STEM.org has worked with private, public, and charter schools.

STEM.org Authentication

STEM.org is the Global leading validator of STEM toys, games, curriculum and other learning resources. Each product credential is now photographically-secured and retailers like STAPLES, Inc. are using the terminology STEM Authenticated.





STEM.org Accreditation

Stem.org is the governing body for Approving and accrediting various schools, Colleges and Research centers to stem.org Accreditation for programs and educational program to World standard’s.





STEM.org certification

STEM.org Certified™ is the world’s best-selling, self-paced Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) teaching course for both certified and non-certified educators. This practical, online training program carefully studies curriculum standards and the latest in STEM pedagogy. Participants learn how expectations of program functionality are changing and what techniques can ensure success.